Rosa Brunello Los Fermentos


Michele Polga  t. sax, fx
Frank Martino  el. guit., live electronics, dr. machine
Rosa Brunello  el. bass, upright bass, synth.
Luca Colussi  dr.

Expect wide-ranging experimental sounds with Shuffle Mode the next creation of Rosa and her quartet Los Fermentos. The new Rosa’s compositions combines textures of jazz, electronica and rock elements which foreshadows intense live playing .


Particelle della materia che sotto l’azione del fermento si muovono violentemente, si gonfiano e riscaldano, lottando per ricomporsi con un nuovo ordine. Particelle che si modificano, scompongono, sdoppiano in altre particelle simili ma diverse che a loro volta rivivono lo stesso percorso in un ciclo senza fine. Una metafora chimica per una musica alchemica, organica ed in continuo divenire.


Particles of matter undergoing fermentation move violently, swell and heat up, struggling to reform themselves into a new order. Particles that change, come undone, split into similar but different particles that then go through the same process again in an endless cycle. A chemical metaphor for an alchemic, organic and constantly growing music.


Partículas de materia que por acción del fermento se mueven con violencia, se inflan y se calientan, luchando para recomponerse en un nuevo orden. Partículas que se modifican, se descomponen, se dividen en partículas diferentes para volver a vivir el mismo recorrido en un ciclo sin fin.
Una música alquímica, orgánica y en devenir continuo.

VOLVERSE – Live in Trieste
Worldwide release: March 9, 2018

Rosa Brunello Y Los Fermentos

Alessandro Presti trumpet
Filippo Vignato trombone, electronics
Rosa Brunello upright bass
Luca Colussi drums

…a beautifully constructed sound; even when the intonation of the two horns seems ready to topple into chaos, there is an arch of musical logic somehow in the air in front of us, always imaginatively supported by bass and drums, who perform more than routine duties here… Listening to Volverse is like walking in Trieste in a darkling sea-mist and feeling that time is both suspended and that the very stones are full of rich possibility.” Brian Morton


Rosa Brunello Y Los Fermentos – Downbeat Magazine – 4 stars 

Vividly recorded in February 2017 at Casa Della Musica in Trieste, Italy, Volverse showcases bass player Rosa Brunello’s daring Italian quartet. Its six original tunes cover everything from cool, West Coast-inflected jazz to free, heated forays—at times within the same song. Save for trombonist/electronics manipulator Filippo Vignato’s sassy “California Dream” and drummer Luca Colussi’s whirly “Christmas Tree”, the tunes all are by Brunello. Many lend themselves to singing along, and each one, whether compact like “Stand Up” or sprawling like “Pina Bausch”, is consistently stimulating. This ensemble never turns to cliché or playing it safe. It also sounds far bigger than its parts, especially given that the group doesn’t include a keyboardist. One of the most intoxicating moments on Volverse is the launch of “Pina Bausch”, an homage to Philippina Bausch, a canonical figure in modern dance. The tune opens with a seamless segue from applause for the preceding track to Colussi’s rim shots to Alessandro Presti’s darting trumpet to Vignato’s brash trombone. That buildup yields to a warmly melodic composition, packed with striking solos. After the Bausch tribute, the compositions become even more elastic, as the group burrows into “30/Nighthawks/Indeed!”, a woozy streetscape of a song, winding up with the title track, a walk through an enchanted forest. 1/8/2018 Downbeat Magazine, Carlo Wolff