15th February 2019

Shuffle Mode

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Rosa Brunello

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SHUFFLE MODE – Cam Jazz – February 2019

Bassist Rosa Brunello is a rising star of modern jazz. Her third CAM JAZZ release is a supremely confident set of modern themes, with instrumental skill augmented with electricity and effects, greatly expanding the music’s colour palette and textures. On Shuffle Mode, Brunello’s regular group Los Fermentos consists of saxophonist Michele Polga, guitarist Frank Martino, and still with the group, drummer Luca Colussi.  Together, and with the collusion of a bag of electronic effects, they create music that is alert, contemporary and packed with unexpected twists and turns. Modern jazz has never been short of highly creative bass players who are also leaders, and Brunello belongs confidently to that tradition, driving the music from the centre, shaping it and bringing to it a joyous energy that is already the unifying characteristic of all her work so far.  Minor artists switch styles every time they enter a studio. Major artists tend to have one big idea and spend many years working out its many implications. Rosa Brunello belongs squarely in the second category, a young artist with a distinctive vision and the determination to make it real.  (Brian Morton)

4 stars
DownBeat – SEPTEMBER 2018

“… daring Italian quartet.  The six original tunes cover everything from cool, West Coast-inflected jazz to free, heated forays — at times within the same song…  This ensemble never turns to cliché or playing it safe…” 

“Volverse showcases Rosa Brunello’s daring Italian quartet.  The six original tunes cover everything from cool, West Coast-inflected jazz to free, heated forays — at times within the same song…  This ensemble never turns to cliché or playing it safe.  It also sounds far bigger than its parts, especially given that the group doesn’t include a keyboardist.”

by Carlo Wolff